Keyword Research

The Importance of Keyword Research in Article Marketing

Fortunately for online marketers, web visitors use keywords on search engines to find what they want, without this most marketers wouldn’t know how to create effective articles to make money online from a targeted audience.

Keywords are phrases or search terms used by web surfers to find what they want through the search engines, usually these phrases closely relate to what these people want. You can therefore explode your traffic by using as many keywords as possible that relate to your niche and create articles with compelling headlines.

Keywords are important to article marketing because of the search engines, and you’ll need to research them to know the right words/phrases to use in your articles. The search engines want to be able to match their search results with the keywords used by web visitors, in other words they want to be able to present relevant search results to their users. To make this work, they place emphasis on keywords that appear in the title and the body of the web content indexed by their engines. Hence if a keyword appears in the title and the body of an article you posted or submitted online somewhere and the search engines pick it up, they will assume that your article is relevant to that keyword. If a search is then performed for the keyword, your article may then appear in the search results presented to search engines’ users, increasing your likelihood of getting targeted traffic through the search engines.




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On – Page Optimization

Having clean codes, optimized HTML tags and metadata helps search engines crawl your site better and index and rank your pages according to the relevant search terms.

Make sure to check the following:


Optimizing metadata helps crawlers interpret your sites content better. It’s important to include the following details.


Optimizing your title within the character limits, andmakes it consistent withthe web page’s title.

             Meta Description

This displays your business name, Business location, and contact details on the SERPs.

           Meta Keywords

Refer to your keywords groupings to determine which keywords youneed to insert here.

H1 Tags

There needs to be continuity between the title and the header tag.

Source Codes

Your source code is the backbone of your website. The crawlers finds everything it needs in order to index your website here.

Off – Page Optimization

SEO Off Page is the Solution to Get Traffic at New Website

SEO Services India is the process of optimizing your website outside of its pages. This means that you will be using other methods to draw traffic to your site. Website traffic has to be generated. It does not get created on its own. This is the reason why in an off page optimization techniques are extremely important.

Outsourcing the job

There are plenty of ways in which a website can be optimized off page. Therefore it is not possible for you to take on this job yourself. It is always a far better idea to outsource SEO Services India as SEO firms have the knowledge and the bandwidth to complete the job in a timely and professional manner producing excellent results. No matter what kind of off page SEO technique you decide to go with, an SEO firm will be able to carry out the task without any trouble.

Creating links to your site

Back linking is an integral part of the off page SEO process. The different kinds of links that are possible are one way links, reciprocal links and triangular links. Out of these one way links are the ones that works the best to get your website a good ranking. Elite search engines like Google frown on reciprocal links and therefore they are not considered for the purpose of ranking. A way around this could be to use triangular links. One of the ways in which a SEO firm will get back links to your website is through a process of Manual Directory Submission.

Most popular methods

While there are plenty of methods that can be used for off page SEO, there are a handful of these methods that work better than the rest. A good SEO firm should be able to offer you article submission, blog and blog comment, forums, RSS feeds, social networking and book marking services etc. All of these services are an excellent way to develop on way back links to your site. Most SEO firms can even undertake the task of creating content that is suitable for your website.