Importance of Keyword Research

The Importance of Keyword Research in Article Marketing

Fortunately for online marketers, web visitors use keywords on search engines to find what they want, without this most marketers wouldn’t know how to create effective articles to make money online from a targeted audience.

Keywords are phrases or search terms used by web surfers to find what they want through the search engines, usually these phrases closely relate to what these people want. You can therefore explode your traffic by using as many keywords as possible that relate to your niche and create articles with compelling headlines.

Keywords are important to article marketing because of the search engines, and you’ll need to research them to know the right words/phrases to use in your articles. The search engines want to be able to match their search results with the keywords used by web visitors, in other words they want to be able to present relevant search results to their users. To make this work, they place emphasis on keywords that appear in the title and the body of the web content indexed by their engines. Hence if a keyword appears in the title and the body of an article you posted or submitted online somewhere and the search engines pick it up, they will assume that your article is relevant to that keyword. If a search is then performed for the keyword, your article may then appear in the search results presented to search engines’ users, increasing your likelihood of getting targeted traffic through the search engines.

To use this knowledge to your advantage, you need a keyword tool like the Google AdWords Keyword tool, to research search terms related to your niche for your articles. You need to do keyword research to get appropriate and real keywords to use for effective article marketing. With the Google Keyword tool, you’ll get to know the most searched for terms in your niche in a month and the different variations of your search terms. The tool can also give you a broad match of your terms and exact matches too. A broad match returns similar phrases and relevant variations of your search term while an exact match returns phrases that match your search term exactly.

Without the use of keywords, your articles may not be visible to the search engines, which will translate to no traffic for you through them; forfeiting one of the benefits derived from article marketing. You can simply avoid this by using keywords with your articles.

You should note that keywords alone don’t make an article; yes they are important but also equally important are the headlines of your articles, the relevance of your article content and your resource box (your URL link in the resource box directs your readers to your website or blog). Each one of these serves different purposes and together with the right keywords make your articles more effective in giving you the results you want in your marketing.

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