Lead Generation Process – Your Daily Action Plan

Many beginning internet marketers are looking for the “secret” to making money online. Well, I am here to tell you, there is no real magic secret or one single source that contains everything you need to succeed in this industry. In fact, this ideal is what stops most marketers from succeeding in the first place. There is no single lead generation process or system that will guarantee your success and the continual search for these systems or processes is a complete distraction and waste of time. What the internet marketer needs to succeed is their own consistent lead generation process and a daily action plan that takes place no matter what daily circumstance happen in our lives. We apply this principle when we have a job or career. We go to work even if we don’t feel like it. We do this so we don’t lose our job. What internet marketers need to do is apply this same principle to our daily lead generation process.

Among a few of the strategies I use on a regular basis that bring in leads daily is a three-step lead generation process that tie into each other perfectly, and the best part is, they do not cost a red nickel to implement. They require a little work up front, but once that is done, they become very easy to do and only require about an hour to do each day. The important point is, I do them every day regardless of what the day brings. To offset distractions that occur in daily reality, I do this daily action plan early in the morning. This way, my daily lead generation process gets done before anything the day may bring. Like I mentioned before, there is some work that needs to occur first to set up, but it is well worth the effort of generating daily leads that is needed to sustain any online business. The key here is consistency. Any successful online business needs a consistent lead generation process. Even if a limited time is available to the marketer.

So, my three-step process starts with one blog article. I write one blog article each and every day. If I cannot come up with any content, then I pick a topic, search the internet on that topic and write about it. I may also find a video related to that topic on you tube and embed it into my blog and comment on the video. The blog article only has to be about 500 words, or so, and since I use a viral blog approach, I do not always worry about using keywords or any SEO content. I let the viral nature of the other two steps take care of the traffic needed. The only other item needed for this blog article is a call to action. This will obviously be where ones link to their website, preferably, a capture page that leads to an auto responder, would be located.

The next step of the process would be to syndicate the blog article by submitting it to sites like Social Monkey, Pinterest and Pingomatic. There are other sites you can submit to as well. You may also want to submit to Linked-in and Twitter. The final step would be to mention your blog article in targeted face-book groups. I post to about 50 to 100 of these face-book groups consistently each day. Once you have joined these groups, it only requires about 45 minutes posting to these face-book groups.

Utilizing this simple three-step strategy alone in my daily lead generation process is responsible for generating 30 to 50 leads a day. If you are looking for more daily actions for your daily lead generation process, visit my website below.

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