We offer this service to our customers for better service to there customers. It is a great tool to use by re-targeting people that have already visited your website. What makes this concept Awesome it allows us to build an ad for our business brings in older customers back to your sight.

How the pixel works it allows us as your business partner to run ads. In having someone that once visited your site the re-targeting pixel tracks their visits. Here is an example: Have you ever visited Amazon and looked at products like a book, personal items, apart for some items that you were looking to repair or fix. Here is what happens the same ad pops up when you are searching for another area on the web. This reminds you of the interest you had in the item.

With the re-targeting ad there to remind you usually brings you back to further investate the item that you where interested in buying in the first place.

What is does for your business by reminding them that they visited your site The person ismuch more likely to go back and make a purchase.

If this does interest you we wouldlove to help you by having a partnership with you as a party that istruly interested in helping your business grow. Be Bless and have an awesome day.

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